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Reebok Sneaker

History of the legendary Reebok Sneaker

The name Reebok comes from Africa for the African antelope today Ribbok, generally for Roebuck. The history of Reebok began in 1895 when the company J.W. Foster and Sons was founded in Bolton, United Kingdom. The family established the racing shoes for the participating athletes for the Olympic Games. In 1989, Reebok under the guidance of Paul Litchfield, originated the Reebok Pump technology. This pump shoes contained air chambers that can be filled by means of a small, integrated shoe pump. Through these air chambers, the shoes fits better on feet. Since January 2006, Reebok is part of the Adidas group. Sneakerworld offers different Reebok styles like: Ventilator, Furylite and Instapump in special colors and materials.