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Adidas - Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultraboost materials

The greatest running sneaker ever

The Adidas Ultraboost the new version of the energy boost. Adidas want to creat the best cushioning ever on a sneaker that you can even use for everyday.
Following research using the Aramis System used by NASA, Adidas created the perfekt sneaker. No shoe is leighter, no shoe has mor running comfort and the style is on point and futuristic.
This running sneaker will boost your running performance. Boost is the midsole made from a TPU plastic foam material, normaly found in car instrument panels. This new type of sole is the future and moves with the foot, according to the brand, the best sneaker they ever made. Featuring a breathable PrimeKnit upper a Stretch outsole, and the innovative boost cushioning, all this, combined with the TORSION system, to a must have for 2016. If your looking for Adidas Ultraboost, Sneakerworld offers different colors and models. If you have question about realese dates, just contact us.